Empower your business with our range of tailored  solutions

We take a client-centric approach to tailor solutions that meet the unique needs and challenges of each customer

Deft Road

Road Freight

Road Freight

Whether it’s local or international, our land freight solutions are tailored to meet your specific requirements, providing cost-effective and flexible options for your logistical needs.

Cross Border

Transporting various types of cargo, including raw materials, finished goods, and products for distribution, across borders. Allowing your business to expand its reach and capitalizing on the growing opportunities in the region.

Last Mile Delivery

Bridging the gap between the transportation hub and the end customer, providing the crucial final leg of the supply chain

RMA Service

We handle each return with care, ensuring that returned items are properly inspected, processed, and either returned to inventory or disposed of responsibly as per your instructions. 
Deft Sea Cargo

Sea Freight

Sea Freight

Ensure your cargo is handled with care, delivered on time, and at competitive rates. With our sea freight services, you can enjoy seamless logistics, increased visibility, and the peace of mind

Customs clearance

Our team of experts handles the entire process, from documentation and customs clearance to booking and tracking shipments.

Container Handling

Our services encompass both inbound and outbound operations. We work closely with shipping lines, freight forwarders, and other stakeholders ensuring seamless container transfers and accurate documentation for customs clearance.
Deft Air Cargo

Air Freight

Air Freight

Our air freight solutions are designed to optimize speed and efficiency while ensuring the safe handling of your cargo. From seamless booking and documentation to real-time tracking and customs clearance, enabling simple processes with precision and care.

Freight Permits

We ensure that all necessary permits, licenses, and documentation are prepared and submitted accurately and in a timely manner. This includes customs declarations, import and export permits, certificates of origin, and other relevant documents.
Deft Smart Warehouse



From order fulfillment and inventory control to value-added services such as kitting, labeling, and quality checks, we handle every aspect of the logistics process with precision and attention to detail.

Ambient storage

We ensure optimal storage conditions, maintaining cleanliness, security, and proper inventory management. Our ambient storage solutions are designed to accommodate various types of goods, including raw materials, finished products, or goods for distribution.

A/C Storage

Our air-conditioned storage facilities maintain a controlled temperature range, ideal for goods that require specific temperature conditions to preserve quality and integrity. This includes perishable items, pharmaceuticals, sensitive electronics, and cosmetic products.

Order Fulfillment

At our fulfillment center, we offer a comprehensive range of services to meet your specific fulfillment needs. This includes inventory management, order processing, product packaging, labeling, and shipping. Utilizing technology and automation systems to ensure accuracy, speed, and cost-effectiveness.
Deft Logistics Control Tower

Control Tower

Transparent Inventory

From real-time tracking and inventory management to automated documentation and seamless communication, using innovative solutions to streamline operations and provide transparency.

Stock Movement

We understand the criticality of maintaining product integrity, compliance, and supply chain efficiency in the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries. Our specialized inventory management solutions, including FEFO, FIFO, and variety-related services, are tailored to meet the unique demands.

Stock Processing

Our systems enhances relabeling utilizing the application of QR codes which ensures traceability, accurate data capture, and enhanced stock visibility for optimized supply chain performance.
Deft Tailoring Solutions

tailoring solutions

Unique Solutions

Deft Logistics takes a client-centric approach to tailor solutions that meet the unique needs and challenges of each customer. We understand that every business has specific requirements, and we strive to provide customized logistics solutions that address those needs effectively.

Your Needs

We engage in detailed consultations to gather insights into your goals, constraints, and expectations. By actively listening to your needs, we can identify pain points and areas where improvements can be made.
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